Conductor is a conversational support solution that combines the ease and efficiency of using a chatbot with the depth and experience human-based live chat can provide.

Conductor is generally available for Slack & Drift as chat providers, with Microsoft Teams in beta.


Let your end users reach you from wherever they want and without leaving their favourite chat apps.


Smart FAQs

Automating the frequently asked but easy to answer queries frees your team to use their experience to solve more substantial and important problems or handle more nuanced queries.


Services & Integrations

Using the power of talksuite we can integrate any additional service or integrations you need that make your front-line support as efficient and usable as possible.

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If your end user’s query can’t be handled automatically, Conductor swaps that conversation from bot to agent and can appropriately route them to the most appropriate person or team.


Your systems

You can use any existing chat system that you have in your business or we can help you set up a new one.